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yes pit bulls are capable of attacking people.. as are all other dogs.. you just never hear about the golden retriever down the road nearly killing someone... . 2 years ago a golden retriever nearly killed a child... it has been with the family for 6 years.. no trouble.. no aggression at all... it just attacked this kid one day.. never heard about it.. because its a golden retriever.. i know this cuz it was a friends cousins dog.. great owners.. so its just not pits that do attack humans... and i wont deny pits attack ppl.. the director of bylaws admitted to me last week the highest dog attacks in my area are golden retrievers AND labs... also.. most cases when a dog attacks a person and it does make news... the media instantly says its a pit bull.. most of the time its a boxer.. rottweiler.. lab.. anything "vicious" and resembling a pit bull...
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