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Okay, let's clear something up. I did not say that I would NEVER own a Pitbull. What I said was, I would not own one until my son is older. If our pug bites my son, he will be okay. If a pitbull were to tear into him, it would be a whole different story. Also, yes you are right in the fact that it is on the owner to properly raise and train the dog. However, how is it the owner's fault if he/she does everything properly, but the dog just snaps one day (which they are known to do) and seriously hurts someone?

Obviously you can make any dog mean, I am talking about the cases when the dog out of jealousy or whatever, just turns and lets loose a fury on someone (most of the time a child). How can that be the owner's fault if the dog never showed aggression or anything, it just one day snapped. Unless your a psychic, it's hard to prevent that. That is a risk I am not willing to take while I have a small child in the house. Sorry those are my feelings. Another friend of mine had a full breed pit, really awesome dog, but only with adults. This dog HATED children. He would literally tried to break through the window to chew up any child he saw outside. This was not due to a bad experience with a child, the dog was just not raised around them. If it were, it may be a different story.
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