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It's unfortunate you feel that way.. And yes, i do think that it's on the owner.. Yes, Pit bulls have a bad rep.. But why?? Cause at one point in time, people used them for fighting, and yes, this still happens today..

It's a shame that you wouldn't purchase or adopt/rescue a dog JUST because of the name of it's breed.. Im sorry, but there are JUST as many attacks and bites from those 'friendly' breeds as there is from Pits.. But the media and viewers don't care if a Lhasa Apso or a Poodle bite the neighbours 4 year old.. Only when the Mastiff, Pit Bull or Rottwieiller do.. It's a shame really..

I figured you would find this interesting..

Aren't Pit Bulls MEAN and VICIOUS?

No more vicious than golden retrievers, beagles or other popular dogs! In a recent study of 122 dog breeds by the American Temperament Testing Society (ATT), pit bulls achieved a passing rate of 83.9%. That's as good or better than beagles ... 78.2%, and golden retrievers ... 83.2%.

This info was taken from this site.. a must read for anyone with a fear of Pits..
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