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Correct...any breed can snap, bite etc. However, I do not agree that it is always the owner's fault. That sounds ignorant. How can you not hold the animal accountable, if it just plain ole snapped one day for no apparent reason You cannot put all of the blame on the owner. Maybe in some cases yes. But, pitbulls have a reputation of snapping and attacking alot more often than other breeds, and I don't wanna hear that it's just because pitbulls are signled out...that is BS.
Let's not start some long drawn out debate. This has already been discussed. My only point to posting this was that with any large breed dog that is prone to a more aggressive behaviour you definately have to take precautions. Myself, having a 6 yr old, I would never get a pitbull, rotweiller (sp) etc...until he is older...that is my precaution. Granted, Matt's dog looks like a sweetheart, hopefully she stays that way.
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