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Yes, it would be my fault.. It's all in how a dog is trained/raised in my opinion.. As some of you know, I deliver the rural mail in my neck of the woods (literally).. So, i see many dogs everyday.. And im not kidding when i say that the dogs i get most nervous when around are the Labs and smaller dogs.. They're always running up to you, jumping up or growling/barking.. However, there are a couple houses with Rottis and one with a Pit, and honestly, the dogs don't move.. They just watch what you're doing, then look away as we drive off.. The others come running down to the mailbox barking and growling..

Now if one of these labs or cockerspaniels were to bite me, do you think they would ban this breed of dog in my town?? I highly doubt it.. I have watched the neighbours yorkie poo chase kids, nip at delivery guys and have had to listen to it bark for 45 minutes straight while playing in my yard with my nephews.. But no one would ever want to ban this type of 'lap' dog..
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