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anyone in southern Ontario... $5 concert 5 bands


Hey gang, just want to announce that Palooka will be crawling out of their hole to play a little show at the Merchant Ale House, here in St.Kitt's. We're on the bill with a tonne of other great bands. I'm really looking forward to this one ... we're going to explode with RAWK, that's for sure.

who: palooka, blackberry blossom, screaming black cadillacs, sodden and granola, and phil 'n' the blanks.
when: sunday, august 15th, 2004 - 6pm to 11pm
where: merchant ale house, 98 St.Paul st
how much: $5

don't miss this one, its going to blow you to the Yukon.

I will be there for sure. If you're wondering:
Palooka: 3 piece electric band that members play multiple different instruments each throughout night... as well as their own originals they play their own twisted renditions of ween, grateful dead, frank zappa, the who, prince, max webster, judas priest...... tunes

blackberry blossom: acoustic rock/folk/bluegrass band, members change, typically acoustic guitar(s), upright bass, percussion...mandolin and banjo come out too throughout set. I've seen 'em as a 3 piece and as a 5 piece... and members from palooka and sodden & granola have played with them in past and a big jam is probable

screamin' black cadillacs Rrule! rockabilly band that worship Brian Setzer/Stray Cats but play mostly their own originals in that Setzer/S.C. genre... some covers, sometimes songs you may recognize not neccessarily as rockabilly tunes

sodden & granola acoustic duo play grateful dead, tragically hip, hot tuna etc... likely to be joined by members of palooka & blackberry (both have been in blackberry)

phil 'n' the blanks are the unknown for me... what I have been told by the guitarist from Palooka: "Phil 'n' the Blanks are a cover band too i believe. I've never seen them, but i here they are good at what they do. so take that as you will...

I don't know if anyone on this board will attend... but for that off chance that one interested person sees it who didn't already know... it was worth posting

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