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Jeff, I live in the North Kawarthas and I have spoken with F&W and they told me there is nothing they can do and they have no one that they could even refer me too that would take it. I have even called the Maskoka rehab center and they turned me down too. Told me to call the humane society. So, I did that and the lady told me they dont take them and didnt know anyone who would. I actually phones several Humain societys and was told the same thing. I think one of those people would have mentioned that it was not legal for me to have it. In every conversation they asked me why I wouldnt raise it!
I have raised a few myself and once even had a C.O. here about some domestic ducks in a nearby pond. He saw my baby coons, played with them and told me good job! If it was not legal I think he would have said something....dont you think? My neighbor/friend works for Ontario Parks and she seen mine and played with them lots. She would have told me if I shouldnt have had them. She is also looking around for someone to take this little girl.
Maybe nearer to the city the bylaws are different? And, I did mention I would not let her go to anyone in or near the city or a residential area.
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