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Raise a Raccoon???

Is their anyone here that lives in the country, thats interested in raising a young female Raccoon?
A friend of mine has an orphan that she can no longer look after because she has to move to a more residential area. She is friendly and has been with people since she was only about 4 weeks old. She is about 8-10 weeks old now.
I cannot take her in because I am too busy with all my other animals... the farm...and I already did my share of raising raccoons earlier this year.
I have contacted F&W, Wildlife centers in the area, The Humane Society and local Vets... and no one was able to help me place her. I know most of us are not only reptile lovers but animal lovers in general....that is why I am asking here. Maybe someone here is in the position to help her out...or knows someone who might be.
Of course, I will not give her to anyone who lives in the city or in a residential area. I will have to compleatly approve of where she goes. These are not the easiest animals to controll and require a lot of comintment and attention.
Please call me at (705)488-3000 or e-mail if you can help or know someone who might.

Teresa Wittig
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