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I really thought that Alice Cooper (Vincent Fornier) knew a bit more about how to care for his snakes. Perhaps I misunderstood this, but it seemed to me that he had planned to feed the snake a live rat (never good as the rat could easily have injured the snake), but he also left a heating pad INSIDE the snake's enclosure and the fact that the snake was able to eat the heating pad without anyone stopping it shows that he left the live rat in there with the snake unattended. :P
I have always loved Alice Cooper, but this raised a lot of questions about how he cares for his animals. :P
I'm glad to hear the snake is doing well... and kudos to Alice for taking the snake to a good herp vet.

Greg.... nice pics of your snake! That must have been neat to see your snake up on stage with Alice! Was it just there for the one song? Or did he use it for a few different ones?
Take care
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