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yup very true, i went to do my hours again today and there were ups and there were downs. One thing that was great was that i talked to these people who wanted crickets and i asked what they were feeding these to and they said chameleons so we had a nice little conversation(it gets better lol) She had no idea that they would lay eggs! i was shocked, so i told her about it and then i gave her the ssnakess website and tell her whats it all about, she had no clue that there such things as boards. So while were having a little convo another person over heard me and asked for the site as well, so now i know that these people will be educated and they know what there doing. yay!!!!

But theres a down side. Later that day, to guys come in and they were very selffish and very rude. They said they wanted this they wanted that, and they couldnt make up there mind. I told them facts and the stuff he should take to consideration, but they totally made fun of all the comments/facts i gave them. So in the end they narrowed it to, veildeds, water baslisk, bearded dragons and a monitor. But their bets were on the veilded chameleon....So he got a 25 gallon and said he wants to put it in that(its one of those long tanks), so all i could do is tell him no and cant do much about it, besides to suggestion bearded dragons. In the end they went out for a smoke and they said theyll be back, but i had to leave so i have no clue if there back or not. If they did by the chameleon it would be dead for sure. Thats my rant for today lol

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