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Originally posted by CamHanna
62% of statistics are made up on the spot
damnit! i was at work and started laughing like a crazy person!

Anyway, I've actually bought a gerbils from a pet-something (they all have similar names!!!) and they gave me a care sheet, which was actually very good, and made me sign a waiver saying i wouldn't harm it (aka, feed it to a snake).... which i didn't mind signing, cuz i planned to breed him and feed his BABIES to a snake..... ha ha ha ha

But, the pet store I work for gets my pet rats that I raise to sell in the small animal department..... one woman bought one of my rats and killed it in THREE DAYS. She came back & tried to get a guinea pig and they refused to sell to her. They ended up asking her to leave the store and not come back! It just annoyed me cuz they knew she was crazy when they sold her my poor little rat!

Pet stores should give out care sheets no matter what the animal, IMO.


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