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Whats in your 400 gallons of fish?

I have 50 gallons. It's just a Clown Knife and a Pleco right now but I think I'm going to get them a buddy and a bigger tank. Right now I'm thinking Large-mouth bass or bowfin. I could get a really big tank and throw in a long-nose gar or maybe a muskie.

Pets are

0.1 Dog, Kuvasz (Yggdrasil Grizzelda, Zelda for short)
0.1 Dog, Ruff Collie (Sarah)
1.1 Cats (Ted & Rat)
2.2 Chinchillas
1.0 Raccoon (Look, rescue not fit for release)
1.0 Skunk (Dodger, rescue not fit for release)

0.0.1 Clown Knife Fish (14 inches)
0.0.1 Pleco (8 inches)

I'll get some picks up tomorrow.

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