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Hi Nicky,

Gates is not completely tame. Some days he is just fine, then other days he would bite me if he could. In the last picture of him, I am holding onto him very tight. He did not want to be at the show that day. All he wanted was to be back in his water hole back at my Vet's. When I returned him to my Vet, he must of known he was home because he did not fight me at all when I carried him in to the clinic.

I don't think most Gator are this tame. Gates was taken care of by my Vet for over 25 years. He was a rescue - his jaw was damaged and he was malnourished as a baby. In the summer Gates lives in a pond in the back yard of my Vet's clinic, and in the winter, he roams free inside the back halls of the clinic. He also has his own bath tub to use. I think with all the contact he gets in the winter with the clinic staff is the reason he tolerates people so well.

Take care,
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