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I find that a lot of people are not very educated at all. Im not saying you guys but other people. It seems like a lot of people out there havnt heard of the "Internet". Im doing hours at a pet store and people that come in and ask the dumbest question but i dont blame them, everyone has to start off somewhere right? But they come in and they ask a couple of questions and then just purchase the pet. Within a few days they come back and the little guy is dead. They didnt even bother to do some reserach, before buying. What I think all pet store should do is tell them how to take care of the pet (some do some dont) they want to buy or they should have a care sheet to give out when they have bought the pet, this way there wont be as much pets suffering. Also what they should do is have websites on the care sheet, so if anything goes wrong they can come to these fourms for help, and read more care sheets. It gets really frustrating when someone comes in and keep complaining about how there snake isnt eating, in the end we found out that she didnt have a heat pad and it was freezing to death. Sorry i just had to burst out somewhere. I just wish that more people will educate these customers, to bad i dont do the hours in the reptile department.

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