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I found another forum where they give detailed info to remove the Omega-search. May as well try this one, see if it helps:

Should all else fail, if you don't have any registry cleaners, try installing one to see if you can track it down. I use RegCleaner (not Regclean by MS). RegSupreme (formerly called RegCleaner) You can get the new or original version at this site. Even though it works on the registry, it's got lots of safety and backup features, I've never had problems with it. With RegCleaner, you can disable a program from running on start-up, and also uninstal.

The best thing to use is probably AIDA32, a free program that can tell you exactly what's on your computer (and it'll tell you more than you might want to know, or imagined there is to know about your PC). If you decide to download it, it can tell you where the Omega-search is, if it's registered as a service, run, run-once etc, so you can locate and delete/disable it.
AIDA32 - Personal System Information 3.93 download from MajorGeeks. Just go to the Registry entry on the 'treeview', and click on the various choices. It should show you where this 'virus' thingee is hiding. If nothing else, it can show you a lot of possible problems brewing that you never suspected.
The programmer has closed his site due job related reasons since I downloaded my copy, but it's still available on a few download sites.
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