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Suggestions PLEASE!

Hey everyone!

Well as some know I just moved to Arizona with my aunt and I have limited space (an acre of I can build outdoor enclosures for any lizards..but I'm not sure I'm gonna get back into them.)

Okay well I am DEFINTALY getting into Scorps and T's...for sure! Hopefully breeding.

But I ALSO want to breed snakes..I have owned a ton in the past...kings...corns...burms..boas...tics...etc etc. I am just wondering what you think will be EASY and yet still PROFITABLE? Cause I do need SOME money

I LOVE the looks of morph corns and kings so I am thinking of them....that means I can have alot....BUT I am totally in love with large constrictors

So ya thats my problem....haha What would you say I go with?

My thoughts were.....

Various Geckos

OH and the cutest thing ever...babie Tortoises $80 american for a baby that good?

Also I am getting a ferret....but he wont have access to the cages so no worries

PLEASE help me out I LOVE opinions...dont mind some constructive criticism either

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