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Lol Devon I rember the first bite I ever got was from a green frog we were keeping in a rubbermaid overnight at the cottage and released the next day. In hunger I guess the little guy thought I was food and nipped my pinky.(We feed them a few crickets befor we released them so they'd have a good start to the day). Never been bit by my corn( he's to much of a sweetie for that) and my ball python nipped me once when I was feeding her and she missed the rat. ( The tongs were too short I guess) It didn;t hurt to much though. Devon I would imagine a bite from a caiman would hurt:S:S Do you have any pics of the little guy? I always thought it would be neat to keep one, maybe when I have my own place i'll devote the basement to one and build a pool for it and what not.
Thanks for sharing
rock on
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