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Originally posted by lizlady
CHRISANDBOIDS14, the only reason someone would get upset with what i said is if you like to watch....there are lots of people that like to watch, like it is a big thrill to see and some people watch because it is fasinating. i know lots of people that like to feed live because they think it is fasinating, and that is up to the person. and again opintions are like a@@holes and everyone has one so if you dont like what i said thats fine but dont try to say that people dont like to watch, some people just like to watch to see it and that is fine but not for me.. if you like to watch then thats up to you too and i dont care, i feed frozen and that is up to me. man it is just a opintion no need to get hissy about it.
Sorry, guess I misunderstood your post, and at the time was in a bad mood(had just fought with parents). Anyways, I thought you meant that people enjoy watching beings kill others. I understand what you mean about the "facination" part. When I was younger and had my first snake, I would feed live most of the time(I did watch the whole feeding) because it was very intriguing, but soon after I switched cause I knew what it looked like and I was explained the benefits(or how it was better) to feed frozen thawed. Anyways, just to clarify.


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