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Hmm... that's fine. You are very passionate about this which is wonderful.
It will provoke me to do a little more reasearch. Maybe i chose the wrong wording to get such a strong responce. I do apologize.

I mean...what the hell else am i suposed to say? LoL *shrugs*

M's got it right jake about choking thier income as i said before. Try your best not to take away those suffering animals because hopefully without any sales they will be the last ones to have to go through that.
As well as the following steps that M recomended will be nothing but crippling.

Oohh latazyo also had a good point which i didn't want to get lost within the posts. Feel free to let the store owner know! A pet shop owner should have staff that are educated enough to take care of thier animals.....but sometimes that is not so. I am sure they will welcome your advice, if they truely cared about thier business.

I do recomend letting your friends and family know of your experience there, nothing is as good as word of mouth.

Best of luck with you jake.
M....i'd like to hear more if you wouldn't mind Pm'ing me.


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