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Drifting a bit off topic here but...

By reccomending anything she does, especially when noting that she wrote that iguanadeath manual and calling her "amazing" is in effect promoting everything to someone who may or may not know her well enough to see the problems. She's a slick one, no question... on the surface it appears as if she wants to help people who own reptiles and the reptiles themselves but as one reads a few more things she has written, her aims become more evident. She advocates an outright ban on reptile (animal in general I think) ownership despite herself owning a few (very few actually, she has almost no real experience). Her caresheets are riddled with lies that will harm animals or people... While it'd be difficult to find anyone who hasn't said at least one or two things that made sense in some manner, she and her associates (she has a lot of antipet trade things on her site from Warwick and a few others outside of the united states where the association between their names and animal rights nutjobs might not be as well known) are dangerous. Send someone one link, who knows what else they might read there. Unprepared for her, Kaplan is subtle enough to harm even intelligent people.

Since the original poster is in New Mexico, the course is obvious... the biggest power they have is money. If you don't like what any company is doing, deny them your money and encourage others to do the same. If it's really bad and not just someone making more out of minor issues than they should then the community will follow and the business will succumb. The entire southwest patterned their animal welfare and care laws after California too... a few distinct advantages actually rise out of this. Law enforcement HAS to investigate complaints about neglect or abuse and will follow through with the laws which are in place. The store can be warned to shape up, fined for noncompliance with laws and even have their license to operate a pet store reviked- instantly stopping them from selling live animals and restricting them to dry good until they appeal it (very few of those appeals are successful). Kaplan's "letters" that she wants you to print out, sign and send in won't do anything worthwhile. Follow the avaliable paths of financial pressure and involving law enforcement and the problem will be solved.
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