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I remember when I was in the second or third grade (YEARS ago!lol) and our class went to a Nature Center for a field trip. They had all sorts of animals there and many of them were brought out so we kiddies could have a looksy.... well, then they gathered us around close and we sat on the ground huddled together as they brought a snake out and put it on the floor too. I remember being fascinated by the snake as were many of the students. Then they took out a live mouse, held its tail down and let the snake do it's thing. I personally was horrified. I was too young and didn't really understand what was going on. Some of the kids started to cry. I always thought it was cruel that they held that mouses tail down so it couldn't get chance. . I've never been afraid of snakes and admire them greatly. But still as an adult I question why that was something the nature center viewed as important for young children to view in that way.

My mother grew up in Texas and she had a school field trip to a slaughter house. Go figure.
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