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I posted these news articles as a response/continuation of the topic in the “Feeding” thread. I haven’t been able to read your responses until now, so here is my take:

The teacher was ignorant, but if it was a crime to be stupid we'd all be locked up at some point and time (no offense, guys). Humans aren't perfect, and we shouldn't judge anyone, no matter the situation. Personally, I'd like to think the teacher caused this whole commotion to get the public to see the epidemic going on. People are so desensitized that it really takes something like this to get them to care, to speak, to act. No one wanted these puppies before this guy was to feed them off, but, oh, so fast did they find homes after being 'spared'!!

This man shouldn't loose his job... how many people would have been outraged if he said he was going to feed live rats to these snakes? No one would have said a thing, the students probably wouldn't have cried, and the snakes would have been fed. Those rats wouldn't have found loving homes in which to grow old...

Originally posted by Rebecca
Even so it's still kinda sad. I mean that was someones pet or could have been someones pet if it had been aloud to live right.

Rebecca: It IS sad, but these puppies weren't pets. If they had been pets they wouldn't be sitting in a shelter. These puppies are pets now, because this man actually saved their lives. From what I understand, they were both adopted. (Where were these people before this all happened???)

Originally posted by annieb_mice
So many people disagree with using dogs or other "pet" animals as food, yet they refuse to have their animals fixed and many people actually add to problem by purposely breeding their animals .... so they can let their children see the babies or whatever
I agree, totally. I once met a woman at a petstore who did just that… allowed her cat to become pregnant so she could show her children the ‘miracle of birth.’ When I asked her what would become of the kittens, she said she would take them to a shelter. I became so upset - she wouldn’t even consider how she could show them a ‘nature’ program, or videotape someone else’s (human or pet) birth. She just didn’t get it; she wanted to show her children how special birth is, and then how worthless the animals are… (by discarding them afterwards).

Originally posted by lizlady
yes it is part of life and life happens but puppies are pets and have no place in a snakes mouth.
Puppies are prey, and they can and do become eaten in some parts of the world by snakes, and even by humans!

Originally posted by annieb_mice
If these animals are going to be killed anyways, why not at least make use of their bodies? Shelters are always complaining about the lack of funds, why not sell their dead animals to zoos or wildlife rehabs to be used as food? It would benefit the zoos to get lowcost animals and the shelters would get some much needed funding.
I need not say anything, I think that is a brilliant idea!

Originally posted by hhw
Pigs are just as intelligent as dogs, so there are no grounds for arguing for the welfare of dogs or cats over pigs based on their intelligence, welfare, or degree of suffering. In fact, since dogs and cats are currently euthanized humanely with vet products while pigs are killed in a cost effective, assembly-line like manner where they are perfectly cognisant of their coming deaths, I would question why you aren't more concerned about the suffering of pigs than dogs and cats.
I agree, Hhw. I am an animal lover with a particular fondness for pigs (don’t ask me why…). They are incredibly smart animals… They certainly deserve a lot more credit than people give.

Most slaughterhouses have the doomed animals lined up, so they can wait their turn while watching the others preceding them in line die. Animals are far from stupid… they know what’s going on… can you even imagine their terror? They’ve grown up being fed and cared for by humans, then suddenly their ‘protectors’ murder them. The very thought makes me squeamish.

And here we are… crying about a few puppies. Although I think they should be gassed first (the way rodents are); no animal should suffer if it doesn’t have to…

Feeding live is inexcusable for any species of mammal.

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