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Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to reply to this thread, been very busy. Holidays takes a lot out of me. lol. The zoo was absolutely worth the trip along with the pair of balls I recieved from you. They are awesome! Still can't believe hubby drove with them in the car. lol. We stayed at the Delta East in Scarborough, I highly recomend them if anyone is looking for a place to stay if ever up that way. Beautiful hotel and the kids loved the pools.

I'm really glad to see you are enjoying the girls as much as I'm enjoying the bps. I actually wasn't expecting the balls to eat this quickly but they have already accepted food, the male was very agressive about it too. Female took too strikes and missed both time, I thought she gave up but then after about 15 minutes she attacked again and got her meal down. Beautiful snakes and again, well worth the trip. Wish I could have met the two of you but kim was a very nice host and took the girls in to see the snakes, they were talking about it all day. They couldn't believe they could eat your cats if given the chance. lol. Oh, and alexander has already made news. He should be in the local paper next week. I was taking a strole with him on Friday and passed the newspaper, the photographer came running out and grabbed a nearby child to get a photo op. We live in a small town and most people here are accepting of herps so it's fun to walk around the block with them once in a while. The kids love it! And Alex was a true gentleman. Thanks again.
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