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HHW.... I agree with you about the cruel way pigs, cows, poultry, and other animals are killed so humans can eat. I don't eat a lot of meat, but what I do eat, I prefer to buy from a local farm that humanely raises and kills it's own animals. Yes, I still buy meat from supermarkets. :P There is a difference in taste though from the farm raised animals, to the supermarket cuts.
In Western culture we place very little value on cows, yet in other cultures the cow is revered. You are correct in that pigs are very intelligent. I think pigs are the only other animal, besides humans, that can have orgasms, not that THAT really matters here... but still.
Mind you, in other cultures they eat horses and drink camel's milk. In many other parts of the world insects are considered a food source, and some are considered a delicacy.
Oh darn, I got off topic... or did I? I can't remember.... oh well...
I'm gonna go and enjoy my iced lemonade and do the Time Warp again!
Take care
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