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Originally posted by WALTER
Ok I have been getting lots of emails of what is going to be at the show. So why not post some of the things that people will be bringing to the show.


Since this is Walters show, and Walter is our very good friend - we are pulling out some big guns for the big show.

We'll bring a blackheaded python, a diamond python, one of the big retics (either the 18.5' tiger or Pandora - 19.5' beautiful classic pattern, a big snapping turtle, couple lizards, turtles / tortoises, dwarf caimen, boas, pythons, colubrids and some museum artifacts.

Pictures with the blackhead or diamond will only be available to good friends and people who have paid for snakes from our webpage, before hand, for delivery to the show. Check our for sale page on our website for more info.

It is my favorite show out west, and I think this year it will be the biggest Canadian show so far. If not the biggest, it will surely be the best.

Be sure to come by and say hi to Myself, Sheila, Katt, Vanan or Jim (jwsporty).

We'll also all be ready to party after the show for anyone interested in social gatherings.

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