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Talking Your Other Pets?

Let's so off our other little (or not so little) pets except herps

Here is Miko, the Pekingese with the incredible personality. Miko is my gf's dog. Though I had more than 5 dogs in my life (poodle, irish and english setter, german shepperd, doberman) I never had one dog with the personality of Miko. A dog that makes us laugh!

Up and below is Ifi (from a Greek name Ifiyienia. We found Ifi all alone in a street near our house. She was alone and so cute for one to resist. Luckily is the type of cat I like (long legs, short fur, triangular head). She is very nice with gentle character.

Here is Kiboo, a male guinea pig. Now he is alone without his beloved "wife" Bisha. Unfort. Bisha died while she was trying to deliver her children-2 days ago.

Finaly, here is what we found a week ago. We decide it was too big to be eaten from our leos

Except those we keep lots of mealworms, crickets, mice and rats but those are not considered as "other pets'

~Greg & Mary~
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