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Originally posted by lizlady
It just makes me think what this world is coming to when people enjoy watch another kill another animal and eat it.
What the hell?! Nobody does(or most people dont) "Enjoy" watching this! Nobody ever said that. That kind of ridiculous.


Why are we trying to give a place/value to other animals inhabiting this world? Are we the eternal gods deciding everything? I think that the spider hiding over there in the corner of your room is just as important as you are. If the spider got killed? Would it change the world completely? No. If you got killed, would it change the world completly? No. Would it change a little? Yes. We have people that care about us and love us, but the spider doesnt. Just because some animals dont exactly have a social status, doesnt mean they have any less importance in how our world works.

I totally think that what the teacher did was wrong, because maybe in his mind he knew and understood the logic of what was going to happen, but the kids didnt. Its just put a bad image on us.

Would I feed my dog to a retic/annaconda/rock? No. Why? because I care about him and his life, sure, maybe its a little biased, but I care the same for all my herps. Even though I cant really express any emotions to them, and they cannot to me, I can love that fact that they are alive and take care of them, and preserve their life. So I cant cuddle them, but do I really care? No. To me, its more about being nice to the animal and giving it a better chance of survival in this world.

I think our conversations are useless, as the whole of us(our site "family") are NEVER going to agree completly on this, so in my opinion its kind of no use arguing. I think we all(or most of us) can agree that maybe some of us my have fed the pupies off, but not infront of the kids. Just wasnt a smart thing to do.


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