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Personally, if I state my opinion and back it up with reasoning and somebody gets offended, I don't pay it any attention. As far as I'm concerned, any person who can not tolerate another's well thought out opinion is too narrowminded to worry about.

With that said, as I expressed in the other thread, I don't believe dogs and cats merit the special treatment they are afforded in Western culture. Anyone who eats meats like pork and says dogs and cats should not be used for food is either:
a) Ethnocentrically biased.
b) A hypocrite.
c) Both.

Pigs are just as intelligent as dogs, so there are no grounds for arguing for the welfare of dogs or cats over pigs based on their intelligence, welfare, or degree of suffering. In fact, since dogs and cats are currently euthanized humanely with vet products while pigs are killed in a cost effective, assembly-line like manner where they are perfectly cognisant of their coming deaths, I would question why you aren't more concerned about the suffering of pigs than dogs and cats.

Now, if that offended anyone, point out any hate-filled bias or anything else of a truly offensive nature. The only bias I possess is against people unable to exercise logic or think for themselves, and for that I will not apologize. If you want to argue against the use of dogs or cats based on their cuteness or your affection for them as pets, realize that you are biased and accept criticism for your lack of objectivity.

On another note, the TT person from the original site made an interesting point. Many people who argue against the use of cats or dogs as food aren't doing so so much because they can't stand the thoughts of their beloved pets suffering or being put to death. Rather, it's a question of whether or not they have to deal with it themselves or leave it to farmers and never think about the lives of the animals when they eat their meat. For cats and dogs, animals that people see everyday, it's much more difficult for people to dissociate the animal from the meat.
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