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Lizlady... While I agree with you in that I wouldn't feed my snakes a dog or cat, I see no problem if others chose to do so in their OWN home, NOT in a school classroom. <Sorry, but that's really just asking for trouble.> I don't agree with live feeding regardless of the animal. This teacher showed extremely poor judgement, but I really don't think he should lose his job over that one incident. If he had a history of doing stuff like this, then I think there should be some sort of "investigation" to determine if he is actually fit to be teaching. Also, let's not forget, these are high school kids, not kindergartners. I'm sure most of them have already seen some "nasty" stuff including drugs, knifings, shootings, beatings, ect. High school isn't all sunshine and flowers these days.
About the puppies, they were going to be killed anyways. While I think the teacher should have used prekilled rabbits or another "natural" food item
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