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Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
A64 has proven to have NO benefit in the world of the Doom 3 engine, plus, there are 3 different sockets for 64-bit processors, none of which are going to be the industry standard. AND, there isn't even a 64-bit operating system (Windows) out yet. Can't justify get a 64-bit system for another 8-14 months.
Boo, just because there's no 64 bit version of Windows out doesn't mean there's no 64 bit operating systems around. There's been 64 bit operating systems since the 90's, and operating systems for amd64 since 2002. Although, you sure wouldn't want to be gaming on any of them. It's a damn shame that we're extending a crappy architecture from the 80's into the 21st century just because too many commericial developers can't be bothered to write portable code, while much better ones like MIPS and Alpha have fallen by the wayside. If it weren't for the monopolistic behaviour of companies like Microsoft and Intel, we could probably be running computers with twice the performance that we do today.
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