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heehee, yeah im not all about punk and hardcore, i'll listen to and enjoy anything except country or teen fluff pop. Having access to P@P is great! i can have anything i wan to listen to anytime for free. On Ares Lite, look for SqueekyBoots- i don't share video's with just anyone and you gotta email me a user name and ill share, got alot orf music vids and rare stuff.....Your so lucky to have yer b-day on samhain! i would looove that! i can already envision my "Fiend" Party and kinda think Halloween might never end if it was my b-day!

i initially found this site looking for Chelonians in Calgary, seeing as you can't buy em commercially here in Alberta. I found Toirtis @ Reptile Rescue Alberta, and will be picking up my first 2 RES on wednesday or Thursday! i am soo excited as turtles have always been my favorite animals. i can't wait to post pics of the lil guys and thier set up , as im planning to buy a pond to put here in my house so if you do end up taking care of the lil guys you mentioned please forward any advice or as i get more experienced, quesions. im so glad that i have a Herpetologist as a guide for this endevor,as on my list after this is a baby beardie, and a red footed tortoise. im on a waiting list for one and im hoping those rf's get busy soon cuz, i just can't wait to own a terestrial!

I agree,Sid and Nancy was soo gritty and if i thought that about it then the real Sid and Nancy must have been a million times wilder!

*adding you to my buddy list*

Nicole :P
"The trouble with Mrs. Silver was that she gave all her love to somebody else, and that somebody was a small Tortoise named Alfie."-Esio Trot by Roald Dahl
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