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Originally posted by Artemis
Wow- those are the same misfits! I dont remember them looking that scary! I love the ramones, and the sex pistols are cool but not typically in my CD player. Still, I more of an alternative music chick than a hardcore rocker!
Same but also different Misfits, as i pointed out somewhere in here. it funny but They are the reason why i admire bands like Slipknot and insane clown posse, MM, and all the Psycho stuff. I love the theatrics of it all and they remind me of Halloween, which is just as big as x-mas to me Check out this link misfits official site

The Ramones invented everyone of us punksters! The passing of Joey Ramone was a blow to Rock and may he rest in peace. Jerry only of Misfits and Marky Ramone have a pretty good compilation going on. Ramones Official site

The 'Pistols kick azz. The pistols reunion really surprised me seeing the Jonny Rotten really hated the band for awhile. In their short-lived career, the Sex Pistols created less than fifteen original songs, and most of them were included in their first LP. 24 years later, you have to swim to a river of snot to buy one worthwile Pistol record. With more than 200 different albums of the band in circulation, things are totally out of hand. okay this site is pretty amature but i happen to chat with the webmistress so here ya go sex pistols sydney

Ever see Sid and Nancy? i loove Gary Oldman and that was the first film i had ever seen him in Circle Jerks and Black flag are also worth a good shout out, as i was really into the Punk and Hardcore scene right after alternative died when Kurt did You shoulda seen my style back in high School!Lunchbox, tattoo, pink hair, and all that good stuff, now im gettin' old and i look completely Square!

i really find it hard to like anything these days and i guess the whole 70's revival stuff i really love such as jet, the strokes, alexis on fire, Hot Hot heat, hmmm... i could go on and on about music as nothing excited me more other than Chelonians! thats why iam here and i just wish the the Turtle and Tortiose forum was just as active as the Snakes stuff!

Radiohead is my love above anything else. These guy have been with me since 1997 and are just a really great band in terms of how they have really grown and useless? yes. but very interesting and abstract; the message board kicks *** and the guys pop in now and then

yep, this post just wasted about 5 minutes of yer lives didn't it???

"The trouble with Mrs. Silver was that she gave all her love to somebody else, and that somebody was a small Tortoise named Alfie."-Esio Trot by Roald Dahl

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