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Yo word bistro! lol!

The guy did a dumb thing because he ignored the inevitable reaction to feeding puppies to snakes in front of school children. Just say that out loud "feeding puppies to snakes in front of school children", how does that sound? You know how people are going to react right away. The guy should have known better even if it is ok for a snake to eat a dog. No one would have cared if he fed the doomed pups to the snakes AFTER school when it wouldn't make teenaged girls cry.

Now when it comes to these ridiculous human analogies, prisoners and even human babies being intentionally fed to animals... I mean geezes, that's nuts. lol!

So let me get this straight, I'm a little confused about our position in the food chain in your world, we're less important than puppies but we're still ahead of rats, right? lol! wow
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