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While I don't disagree with feeding prekilled animals, regardless of what they are, to reptiles, or other carnivores, I don't think it should be done in a classroom in front of a roomful of children. There is too much negative public sentiment regarding reptiles already, this just adds fuel to the fire. While I realize that dogs and cats are considered "pets," there are so many that are "thrown" away every day. These "unwanted" animals are going to die anyways, why not at least let them be "useful" as food? So many people disagree with using dogs or other "pet" animals as food, yet they refuse to have their animals fixed and many people actually add to problem by purposely breeding their animals .... so they can let their children see the babies or whatever other rediculous reasons they come up with. I've taken in so many animals over the years that have been the result of people wanting a "cute" pet... and once that cute little kitten or puppy or whatever grows up and stops being so cute... they tie it up outside and ignore it... or drive out to the country and dump it... or any number of OTHER inhumane ways to get rid of their animals. How is dumping your cat or dog out in the country to slowly starve to death, or be torn apart by coyotes, more humane than humanely euthanizing it and using the body to feed other animals?
Ok.... I'll hush now before I REALLY offend someone... LOL!
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