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Originally posted by anacondaman
Any keeper who does not at least try to limit the suffering of the animal being fed is not fit to keep the animal about to eat.
I totally agree with your statement, Anacondaman. In circumstances where there is not a frozen animal available, at least the animal should be put down in a swift and humane way. It wouldn't be fair for them to grow up trusting humans, and then have a human throw them at a hungry python. In the wild live animals have the opportunity for escape or to hide. In captivity only a miracle could spare a rodent in such a situation.

Originally posted by hhw
Sorry, in regards to my comment for drawing a line, that was not directed to you personally. I used "you" in reference to every person.
HHW, I take no offense, I understood your point and felt it would be more engaging if I shared my personal opinions.

Your comment about choosing between watching your pet starve to death or feeding live is one I share, with one difference, though. I still wouldn't feed the animal live, I would instead whack it so that it would be painless. I don't like the idea of whacking, but I know, if done correctly, would spare the rat the mental and physical agony of being eatten.

I for one, am against the live preparation of animals for human consumptions, including lobsters and fish.

I just don't believe anything should have to suffer unneccssarily. Crickets and worms destined to become my gecko's dinner are placed into the freezer just long enough that they go into a sleep (also makes capture easier for the little one).

If anything, I could be one of those 'extremists' you might be talking about! LOL

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