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This thread is like teenage signature hell! But I must say, one of the things I like about this forum is it isnt all "forumy" in the cheesy sense you see on some sites that are pretty much all forums for about a jillion different topics. One is springing to mind but im sure the mods wont like it if I say what it is... not hard to figure out though. Anyways everyone has all those bloody blinking cartoon dolls that are supposed to look like them (and sometimes they have their whole little families done in cartoon dolls), and little countdowns and calendars and weight loss counters and all kinds of hoo-ha. Some people think thats cool but I think its kinda pointless and deluded myself. I like to keep em simple and forum specific. I think those would be AWESOME avatars and sigs if this were a rock music forum and not a snakes one.

my 2 cents (hey you asked for it)

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