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You may not guess this of me, but I'm a MAJOR Star Wars geek! And proud of it! Waited in line for 3 hours at the premiere of Episode II, and I must say that one was way better than Episode I. Although the storyline between Anakin and Padme is important (it must be shown how his temptations lead him to the dark side, as well as how Luke and Leia were conceived), they really made it uber-cheeseball in Episode II. But still, the clone wars should be GREAT!

SW Trivia for ya... did you know that Obi-Wan dies in the clone wars? That's right... the Obi-Wan in Episodes 4, 5 and 6 was his CLONE! If Lucas omits that from the movie, I will be miffed, I tell ya.
- Ken LePage
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