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I was in my local herp store (the animal connection) today to get a new light for my rainbow boa, and I caught some ba**ard trying to steal some baby herps! The place takes great care of their animals and only sells them to people who are knowledgeable and who demonstrate they will take care of the animal. I was checking out the herp room when a guy came in and brushed his hand against all the locks on the cages. Then, while the herp care specialist was selling a leopard gecko with her back turned, I heard a noise. When I turned he was pushing on the top of the sulcatta toroise cage, and he saw me and quickly put his hands in his pockets. Weird, but no evidence he was stealing yet. I turned around after a few seconds and he was doing the same thing then quickly turned around as he saw me. After about a minute I turned slowly and he was sliding the praying mantis cage over to access the baby sulcatta's door! As soon as he put his hands in the cage I ran to the herp care specialist and whispered "Some guys stealing the Sulcatta!" I would have said it earlier but I wanted to make sure he was stealing. She saw him with his arms in the sulcatta cage and yelled at him, threatened to call the police (she would have called but he would have denied it since he hadn't been holding the baby sulcatta yet). Anyway, he got kicked out and all the employees stared at him with orders to remember the face and call the cops if he ever came in again! I'm not sure how the genius planned to walk out with a 5" sulcatta though LOL...

Oh yeah, when she asked him "What the hell are you doing!" and he had his hands halfway into the cage he replied "Looking."
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