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Originally posted by Samba
As far as intelliegence goes, it is still irrelevant to me... just because one creature has a greater capacity for understanding than another doesn't mean the 'dumb' one deserves to die first. It doesn't mean that 'smart' ones should be spared. It means nothing because a life is a life, no matter which way you look at it...
As far as using a humanely euthanized animal food, I would agree with you. I don't think I could ask for a better death myself than to simply pass out and die without ever feeling any pain or being aware of my coming death.

However, I would probably use a live rodent to feed a reptile as a last resort, but I could never see myself feeding a cat or dog live. It's not so much a valuation of life, as it is the animal's capacity for suffering. Possessing greater intelligence and understanding, I feel a cat or dog would invariably suffer more than a rodent. Now, where you draw the line between what is too intelligent to be fed live and what isn't, I would not be able to answer...
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