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I, and I'm sure everyone else here, respect your opinions. It's not just that "cats and dogs are plentiful, let's use them for food!" it's looking at all those lives wasted for nothing... it's entirely man's fault, yet they are the ones who suffer when they're homeless and hungry, when they go to the pound, not knowing their 'rescuers' will kill them within a week. All the ignorant people out there who still refuse to spay/neuter your pets... it's FREE now people! I've had two of my cats done for absolutely FREE!!!! Even if you have to pay a little bit, it'll be well worth it!

We wouldn't even be thinking of this idea if it weren't for all the unwanted free puppies and kitties listed in the newspapers, sitting in the pound...needing homes...

I agree with Oliverian, that if this would be a concept to implement we would need to find a safe and humane way to dispatch animals without rendering their bodies useless for food... (what about gasing?) Secondly, we generally have to get the public... the vets, animal care employees, etc. to see this effort as a good idea, and that wouldn't be easy.

I would love to save all the animals, and believe me, I would if I could, but that's never going to happen....
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