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I'm not aware of any laws that makes it illegal to feed puppies and kitties to snakes. Some might complain that it would be animal cruelty... which it is, if fed live, or not dispatched properly, in my opinion. If you feed a live rat or mouse to a snake I would also consider that cruel and unneccessary...

On the subject of intelligence... it has been proven time and time again, that rats are among the most intelligent of rodents. Yes, I would agree that dogs and cats have greater intelligence, but it makes no difference to me on this subject... I don't think it's relevant. I think the stigma stems from most people having grown up keeping dogs and cats as pets, not food. If that were different then, of course, we would not be having this discussion...

I'm sure people who raise and butcher livestock are perplexed with individuals who keeps horses, cattle, pigs, goats and chickens as pets. Depends on your upbringing, I guess...

It would be sad to see the day when people bought frozen puppies and kittens for their snakes and monitors, etc. but with that sadness would also come many happy, healthy animals who have homes, thanks to the fact that shelters wouldn't be so crowded, and the pressure to make room for 'new' strays wouldn't result in animals being euthanized within 3 days of their arrival in the pound. Let's face it, roughly 80% of the animals that go into a pound won't leave alive anyways, why not spare them in the first place?

Like I said before, I wouldn't consider using them as a food source, but for someone else willing to experiment, I keep an open mind. If things went my way I'd just toss a salad to my snake and we'd all live happily ever after!

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