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crimsonking: I hated to tell you, but I gave her away. I had her about a month when I moved into the dorm, but I couldn't take her with me (rules+phobic roommate). I left her at my boyfriend's house which is only 15 minutes away, but I found that I wasn't around enough (nor he, since he's in the Navy) to handle her and I didn't want her to get too skittish (sp?). After much thought, I gave her to a family friend who is a special ed. teacher, and happens to have many, many snakes, lizards, turtles, and a buch of other small pets (including a pair of pigmy goats). She loves Cal. Kings and is taking good care of her. She even said that if I want her back when I move out of the dorm I can have her. I'm just shy about having such fast moving snakes. I think I might be best sticking to boas and pythons! Thank you, though, I really appreciated having her. And she is in a good home in a classroom where many kids learn to appreciate herps!
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