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Thank you all for your support! My first night alone with "Baby" (still haven't picked a name but I'm partial to Sadie) went well. I took her to pet store to see how she does in public. She was frightened at first... obviously no one has ever taken this dog anywhere... which is a shame because she flourished with all the attention she got. She sat calmly as I peeked at the leopard geckos (just looking!) and was ok in the car. She wanted desparatly to be in the front seat with me!

She is still playful, and it's a lot of fun to see her happy. She did have an accident this morning in my living room, but nothing a little carpet cleaner can't fix.

Trev and I will now be searching for a new place to live so that she will have a yard, and won't have to be hidden from the landlord. Thanks again, and I will post photos of her when I can (sorry my digi cam went pooh on me last week!) =)

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