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So glad to hear this story has a happy ending! It would have been tragic had it not been for the two of you coming to that poor dog's rescue.

People like the former owners are really repulsive to me...that they'd just abandon an animal to starve to death, or end up being picked up by animal's sick!

They couldn't have taken the time to try to find a good home for that dog? I had to do that once - the dog was a good dog, but a constant barker (our neighbors weren't too pleased). First we tried every training technique we could find to try to reduce the "nuisance" barking, but nothing worked. Even asked our vet for any suggestions - he said he knew of some vets (he called them "unethical") who would remove the dog's larynx...but he WOULD NOT do that...nor did I think that was a solution. He also said if I was desperate, and couldn't find a home for the dog, he would euthanize could barely choke that out, I said "don't worry, it's not an option". He gave me several breed rescue organizations, which were unfortunately at capacity.

I asked friends and family (I wanted personal references), and the sister of a friend of mine had a female of the same breed (mine was neutered male), she LOVED the breed, understood that barking was part of that breed's "personality"(herding breed, herds by barking) had several acres of land, completely fenced in, no neighbors close by... they came to see my dog, brought the kids, and altho he was a shy dog, he seemed very comfortable with the family, and the kids were wonderful with him. They went home, without the dog, so we could take time to make sure it was a good decision. We talked the next day, they loved the dog, I felt they were a good family and experienced with the breed - they adopted my dog. No money changed hands. The most important thing to all of us was that the dog have a good home.

It's not all that difficult....I just don't understand people who throw animals away! :medangry: :medgrimac :medtongue

I'm so glad you were there to rescue that dog, and I'm sure you'll never regret it, and no matter what you change the name to, the dog will have a loving family. :medbigsmi
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