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I'm with you, Julie. Theft is wrong, no matter WHAT was stolen! The fact that there was no violence associated with this particular crime doesn't mean anything. It just means there wasn't anyone there to get in their way. From the sounds of it, these people knew what they were doing and had already cased the show and decided what they wanted. They may have already had buyers lined up in advance.
Personally I would NEVER leave my animals at a show. I've had things stolen before, including my beautiful 8 foot long boa constrictor years ago, and have learned my lesson. I realize that for many people this is a little difficult when you are driving a long way and have to rent a room.
I hope these people are caught!! And I agree with Chris and Boas! Only... I think it should be a gauntlet! Starting off in kneedeep muddy water filled with several LARGE niles... then, if they make it through that, they can get some exercise trying to evade some hungry komodos... then perhaps another stretch with a variety of venomous snakes and maybe some nice big nasty tarantulas too.... and... IF they make through all that... we'll talk about whether they are guilty or not!
Course... there's always a variety of OTHER lovely little tortures that I could think of too.... like staking them out and pouring honey over them next to an anthill..... or perhaps that lovely old medieval torture where you cut a small incision on the person's belly, then put a cage of VERY hungry rats on top of them....
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