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A (Non-Reptile) Rescue

Today started out like any other... I woke up early, dragged myself out of bed and got ready as I drove to work (hehe). About an hour later my fiance, Trevor, called to tell me I needed to pick up a dog or it was going to the pound.

Frank, Trevor's supervisor at work, told him that his neighbors had moved last night and left their dog behind. He asked them when they were coming back for it, and they said they weren't. The pound had been called and they were scanning the neighborhood looking for this dog when I got there this morning (I am INCREDIBLY lucky to have such an understanding boss!)

She is thin, extremely thin, as if she hasn't eatten in years, but timid and adorable! I took her to Trev at work (his boss brings his dogs all the time!) so that he could look after her for the day. We fed her a bit, and she's as sweet as pie. Why anyone would abandon such a loyal animal is beyond me, but she'll stay with Trevor and I now, as a new addition to our family. Her old name is Baby, but we don't want to call her that... we would like to name her something that sounds similar, though... Any suggestions?

She is a German Shepard/Staffie mix... I can't wait to post pix of her!
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