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I spent a good month dealing with this. I tired several diffrent companies, I think I stoped and got too frustrated at about 20 between myself and my Girlfriend. The second I mentioned snake they ended the converstaion right their and then. I actually had a broker from state from give me the reasoning that my snake may escape and wrap around a babies neck and kill it.

But ofcourse considering I have a hard enough time getting my Ball to eat, mabye babies should be my new food source since according to some people snakes are prone to wraping around their necks and killing them.

But I digress I got to a point where I was fed up being descriminated against and decided to instead of trying to be upfront about what we owned, we just answered their questions. That way if anything ever comes up, they never asked so it's their fault for never asking not our fault for not supplying the information, no idea if that will fly or not, but I really don't have a choice.
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