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whoo, my first radiohead avatar!

hi, there, Thorn!

welcome to the thread your right, pink text does rock but i had to get rid of it cuz i had a hunch that someone hated it. anyway, the av is cool and i really love your quote! i think quotes are way more satisfying than listing stuff, but thats just me.......
i just looove radiohead and i made this avatar today, yay! i tackled animation shop 3! its not that pretty but serves its purpose :P

Sketchy, your the best siggie dude when it comes to Slipnot! i don't particularly enjoy their music*sorry*, but always apprieciate thier style and theatrics Where do you get the brushes? im just trying to learn how to use brushes and i would like to know if you can give me a few pointers? also which is your paint/photoshop? mines Jasc paintshop 7 and Jasc animation shop 3, check me out on msnmsgr and maybe we can chat graphics sometime? Cheers!

these avatars and siggies are new creations of mines.....

Radiohead crying minotaur w/lyrics fr. "you never wash up after yourself"
<img src="" width=560 height=182>

Pretty in Pink- my fave 80's teen movie, watch it all the time!
<img src="" width=80 height=80>

<img src="" width=320 height=85>

<img src="" width=197 height=105>

if anyone wansta use me artwork , just email me, k? be happy to let ya!

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