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I think that is reverse.
Its always my good friends beside me in jail.


Ok, what'd I miss?

Annie, it was nice to see you at the show! Those baby beardies were sooooo cool!

Kwok's SPIDER was insane! David and Andrea of DNA Reptiles had waaaay more cool stuff than I thought they had. Quite a collection, to say the least! The Vieled Chams and the baby Hognoses were the the coolest! Oh, and the hi-yellow Cal King that was worth $800 (ha ha inside joke).

And of course, Henry had a gangload of animals, and even though I didn't bring anything home, Henry still cost me money. I gotta avoid that guys stuff like the plague. Its a good trade, but how do trades help me get out of debt? Ha ha, thanks a heap Piourun! LOL!

Kyle man, we didn't make it to Whistler. I was bummed at first, but we played frisbee golf all day, then went to the Lantern Festival at Trout Lake. Totally cool. I miss Vancouver sometimes. That is, until we hit the traffic at the Deas Tunnerl.
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