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I'd love to hear your description of Spiderman 2's "bad graphics" and "gameplay"

Why exactly is the gameplay bad? Not only is it in Vice City style, but it has three times the amount of available "missions" including petty crime, and civilian crime which have no relation to moving the story forward, but serve to up your characters stats. As for manual web slinging, it couldn't be easier with a small amount of practice, I have TERRIBLE hand eye cordination and I got the hang of it within about 10 minutes.

As for graphics, I have YET to see a similar styled game with better graphics. The zoom in and out of the 3-D map alone is amazing and FAR more usable than Grand Theft Auto ever hoped to be.

As for there being better games for the XBOX of course there are, but considering Spiderman 2 is for all gaming consoles including the PC..... with DIFFERENT story lines for each format, I think they did amazingly well. I have played on both Xbox as well as the PC. And this weekend I am going to attempt to try out the PS2 version as well.

In either case, by your own admission you played SpiderMan 2 for five minutes so...........

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